Contract Sterilization

Ethylene oxide (EtO) processing sterilizes products making an alkylation reaction that eliminates the capability of the microorganism to reproduce. The process consists of three main processes

  • Conditioning
  • Sterilization
  • Aeration

Steri-Tech, Inc. specializes in the sterilization of both Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices. It is a fine tuned process which begins the moment the product arrives at our facility. All products are thoroughly inspected and duly recorded as they enter our facility, and are then placed in a quarantined warehouse to avoid any contact with products already processed. From there they are taken to a pre-conditioning room (when required), where they are prepared for and undergo the sterilization process. The EtO sterilization requires the control of four parameters: gas concentration, temperature, relative humidity and time of exposure in one of our four chambers/units that use 100% EtO.

Once processed, the product is placed in an aeration (degassing) room where EtO gas residuals are eliminated to ensure patient safety and the safe handling of the product.

EtO sterilization is the process of choice for:

  • Sterilization of custom procedure kits containing unit dose drugs in hermetically sealed packages and/or other irradiation sensitive materials.Ethylene-oxide-3D-balls2
  • Cellulosic and plastic products that exhibit discoloration with irradiation.
  • Plastics whose physical properties degrade with irradiation.
  • Products that contain components which must be reclassified as drugs when processed with irradiation.
  • Medical devices with integrated circuits and/or micro-processors.

Additional advantages:

  • Nearly all material is compatible.
  • Highly compatible with polymer-based single-use medical devices, procedure kits and surgical trays.